David Duncan is Counsel at Scannell Properties, a privately owned real estate development and investment company focusing on build-to-suit and speculative development projects throughout the US and Canada. An award-winning lawyer with expertise in business services, David specializes in preparing and negotiating crucial loan and transfer documents for asset-based and real estate transactions. Before joining Scannell Properties, he honed his skills as an Associate at Tabbert Hahn Earnest & Weddle, LLP, where he handled non-litigation work. Notably, his involvement in the Marion County Library construction defect litigation case showcased his prowess in navigating complex legal landscapes. David is serving as the 2024 President of the Indianapolis Bar Association.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [5:00] David Duncan shares his unconventional law career journey
  • [8:51] David’s experience in transactional work and representing lenders
  • [13:56] The importance of seeking opportunities for growth and learning
  • [28:17] Industrial real estate development and leasing
  • [32:18] Indianapolis Bar leadership and David’s plan for the association’s new headquarters
  • [36:32] How has the pandemic impacted the legal industry and law school?
  • [46:18] Running, stress relief, and food experiences in Lafayette, Indiana

In this episode…

As regulations transform, societal norms evolve, and technology reshapes interactions, legal professionals equipped with the ability to swiftly pivot and anticipate future trends stand at a distinct advantage. How can cultivating adaptability help attorneys maintain relevance and effectiveness in an increasingly dynamic field?

In a thought-provoking dialogue, legal luminary David Duncan shares intimate glimpses of his journey, from his roots in Lafayette, Indiana, to his pivotal decision to pursue law after initially contemplating consultancy. David highlights pivotal moments in his career, including transitioning from handling non-litigation work at Tabbert Hahn Earnest & Weddle to representing lenders in high-stakes projects, such as the Marion County Library construction defect litigation case. Delving into the intricate realms of real estate development and legal careers, he underscores the significance of resilience, broad exposure, and nurturing relationships as crucial factors in today’s legal and real estate sectors.

In this episode of Circle City Conversations, Alex Limontes interviews David Duncan, Counsel at Scannell Properties, to discuss the importance of adaptability and foresight in the dynamic legal industry. David shares his unconventional law career journey, Indianapolis Bar leadership, insights on the pandemic’s impact, and how to leverage emerging trends in the real estate sector.

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Quotable Moments:

  • “I just always kind of had in the back of my mind that I wanted to be a lawyer.”
  • “My goal was to become a consultant, but law school was plan B, and plan B worked out to be plan A.”
  • “As a paperboy in Lafayette, visiting Triple XXX was a highlight of the morning.”

Action Steps:

  1. Gain exposure to various legal disciplines early in your career to find your true passion: Exposing oneself to a broad array of legal issues helps in realizing strengths and interests, leading to more informed career decisions.
  2. Embrace the role of being underestimated as an opportunity to demonstrate competence: This approach allows for emphasizing skill and knowledge when least expected, reaffirming the value of local expertise.
  3. Leverage personal interests and hobbies to manage professional stress: Engaging in stress-relieving activities like running or hobbies unrelated to the professional realm can dramatically improve mental well-being.
  4. Engage with professional associations to enhance your career and contribute to the industry: Active participation in organizations like the Indianapolis Bar Association not only aids personal growth but also shapes the legal community’s future.
  5. Innovate within your industry by staying adaptive and informed about market shifts or crises: In dynamic sectors like real estate law, a forward-thinking mindset ensures you can pivot and thrive even during challenging times like the pandemic.

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