Hurst Limontes LLC is happy to participate in fee-dividing arrangements with referring attorneys and co-counsel for personal injury cases, consistent with Indiana Rules of Professional conduct 1.5(e).Best Lawfirms in American 2023: Hurst Limontes LLC

At our office we pride ourselves on being known throughout the Indiana legal community as the Lawyers that Other Lawyers will go to with tough cases. The Attorneys and Staff at the Hurst Limontes LLC have the skills and knowledge to help effectively get the best results for your clients and maximize the results to referring attorneys.

Our dedication to our clients spills over in our commitment to the Indiana Legal Community and other Lawyers. Personal Injury cases are particularly complicated and the wealth of resources available to the Insurance Industry makes it difficult for even the brightest of lawyers to navigate. We are always glad to share our experience and resources with other attorneys, and at the same time, we are also happy to leverage our extensive professional network by referring potential clients to other attorneys or different practice groups, who can best serve their needs. As such, we offer the opportunity for referrals and co-counsel agreements.

Our attorneys have represented people from across the United States, Central America, and South America. Our Experienced Attorneys have represented the Victims of Negligence from New York to California and Wisconsin to Texas. Alex Limontes, our partner has settled and resolved cases for clients in Mexico, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. We pride ourselves on the vast demographic of clientele and thank lawyers from across the United States for considering our law firm as their Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm.

Ethical Considerations

According to the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct “A Division of a fee between lawyers” is allowed under certain rules. The Rules require that the client be informed and agree to the division of fees, that the total fee be reasonable, and that the division is proportionate. These provisions also require that “each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation” which is an important consideration for referring attorneys.AV Pereminent Ranking: Martindale-Hubbel

Therefore, as a referring attorney you must be vigilant and cautious when choosing a personal injury law firm to help your client. Our office and lawyers are well known for their ability to litigate these cases and find the best resolution for the clients (& lawyers). We are recognized by other attorneys in Indiana as knowledgeable and leaders in the legal community. Put our skills to work for you and your client.

Choosing the right personal injury firm for your client is certainly difficult but we will make it easy for you and the client. We pride ourselves on our client centered and focused approach and take the same line when working with other attorneys.

When we get a call from a potential client, one of our primary questions throughout the case assessment process is, “how can we best serve this person?” Sometimes, the reality is that we do not have the proper resources to help someone if their case involves a very niche practice area. In these circumstances, we are often able to reach out to another attorney or firm who may be able to help that client. At the same time, we also accept client referrals from fellow lawyers, who may be in a similar position. If you or your firm are unable to help a client for any reason—whether due to geographical constraints, investigative resources, or simply because your case load is too heavy, please give us a call.

Co-Counsel Agreements

As a result of our work in the Indianapolis and Indiana Legal Community we are regularly asked to co-counsel cases with other personal injury attorneys or law firms. On the other hand, there are some instances we will reach out to other attorneys that may be able to co-counsel on a case with us because of their special expertise in a specific area. Sometimes, referring a case to us may not be an option. In situations like these, a co-counsel agreement may be an effective way for clients and their attorneys to reap the benefits of working with another lawyer or firm, while still maintaining an active role in the case.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Co-Counsel Arrangement:

  1. “Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.” – C.S. Lewis. Nothing can be hold truer than this when it comes to group of lawyers coming together with a common goal in mind.
  2. Increased investigative resources
  3. Help from Lawyers who have a plethora of Experience in Personal Injury handling all forms of cases and unique fact patterns
  4. The Expert Witnesses and Expert Resources available to our Law Firm
  5. The Opportunity to Learn how to handle these cases while on the job

All of our Agreements with other attorneys and Law Firms are unique to the client, case and the attorney’s needs. Some collaborations require a significant amount of participation by the attorneys while others only necessitate a limited role. As the old Law School adage goes, “It Depends” and the same holds true for Co-Counsel agreements. Feel free to contact one of our qualified attorneys to discuss how you’d like to work with us on your personal injury matter.

Indiana Personal Injury Cases: Our Approach to Co-Counsel

Lawyers will regularly work together and act as Co-Counsel on certain cases to help a client through the claims and litigation process and ultimately benefit the client. Client(s) can be leery of bringing in another attorney and it is always important to emphasize to them from the beginning that working cooperatively with other lawyers will only increase and improve their chances of a fair recovery.

Remember that the Insurance Industry and Big Companies will throw a tremendous amount of Money, Time, Resources and Lawyers at you in order to defend their case. So, why shouldn’t you have a team of lawyers and extra resources on your side too! Our firm has a strong belief in this approach. Schedule a consultation with our Indianapolis injury practice to discuss co-counsel details more fully.

Types of Cases We Would Serve as Co-Counsel

The Lawyers of Hurst Limontes LLC can act as co-counsel in essentially all of our personal injury practice areas. Our office does nothing but handle third party liability cases and we have the knowledge to help you gain that edge over the insurance company. If you find yourself with a personal injury case and you don’t normally handle third party liability cases, then contact us, we can tell you if the case is worth having co-counsel or making efforts to resolve it on your own.

Our Partner, Alexander J. Limontes, is regularly asked to co-counsel on matters involving wrongful death or personal injury to Latinos and Hispanic people in Indiana. As a Hispanic Attorney, Alex, can effectively communicate with Spanish Speaking Clients throughout the pre-litigation and pretrial process. Having Alex represent your Latino Client can be one of the most effective co-counsel decisions because his ability to communicate directly with clients ensures that nothing gets lost in translation. Furthermore, Alex is a First-Generation Cuban American who understands cultural distinctions and can help you understand those cultural issues as well as placing your client at ease. Alex has been working with the Hispanic and Latino Community for years in Indiana. He has represented Latinos from Trial Level Courts up to the Supreme court of Indiana in Escamilla v. Shiel Sexton where the Supreme Court agreed with him.

Maximizing Value of Co-Counsel Cases

Our firm can maximize the value of any case based upon our level of experience and prior handling of these cases. We have handled any number of different types of personal injury cases in Indiana, Illinois, & Kentucky. Likewise, we have the resources necessary to pursue a case from pre-suit to mediation and all the way through to verdict.


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