Abigail Stanley is the Co-founder of Legal Nurse Secrets, where she empowers nurses to launch and grow highly successful legal nursing businesses. She is also the Founder and President of Nurses Still Care, a team of law nurses that have helped over 25,000 injured people working alongside top attorneys in the US and Canada. A seasoned nurse with a passion for legal consulting, Abigail’s impactful journey from operating room nurse to entrepreneur started with her company’s launch in 2011, utilizing her extensive medical knowledge to serve as an expert witness and create life care plans. With experience in both clinical and mass tort law, Abigail aims to improve legal proceedings through healthcare expertise.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:36] Abigail Stanley discusses her educational background and early nursing career
  • [1:47] The diverse specialties Abigail worked in as an operating room nurse
  • [4:00] Abigail’s transition from bedside nursing to a legal nurse consultant
  • [5:30] What is the role of a legal nurse, and what are the qualifications needed?
  • [6:16] How Abigail helps attorneys understand future medical costs for their clients
  • [9:13] The shift in Abigail’s business toward mass tort law
  • [11:23] Scalability challenges in managing a team of nurses for various projects
  • [15:28] Abigail’s venture into plaintiff acquisition and her method of qualifying cases
  • [22:49] Challenges faced as a female business owner in a male-dominated field
  • [25:04] Abigail’s innovative approach to plaintiff acquisition for childbirth injury cases

In this episode…

What if attorneys could navigate the complexities of the law with an unexpected ally — nurses? How could the expertise of these health professionals translate into the courtroom, and what would it mean for the future of both the healthcare and legal industries? Could nurses be the missing link to more nuanced and informed legal proceedings in injury cases?

Abigail Stanley, a legal nurse consultant, unravels how her career as an operating room nurse provided the foundation for a bold transition into entrepreneurship in the legal industry. She reflects on the value of nursing expertise when navigating lawsuits, such as understanding medical costs and assisting with case qualifications. Reflecting on the local to national growth of her business, she emphasizes the value of effective marketing, particularly in mass tort cases. She also touches on the unique challenges in male-dominated sectors, like birth injury litigation, and the importance of nuanced, empathetic communication with plaintiffs. Abigail’s unique professional journey exemplifies the potential for nurses to contribute beyond typical expectations, setting an intriguing precedent for potential synergies between two critical fields.

In this episode of the Circle City Conversations, Alex Limontes welcomes Abigail Stanley, the Co-founder of Legal Nurse Secrets, to discuss her multifaceted role that bridges law and nursing. Abigail dives into growth strategies for legal nursing businesses, the challenge of marketing to attorneys, and her recent ventures into plaintiff acquisition. She highlights the role of nurses outside traditional clinical settings, resonating with listeners curious about interdisciplinary career paths.

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Quotable Moments:

  • “The value of a nurse varies in what field you’re in and how you’re working.”
  • “I could have left sooner, but I was nervous. You don’t know if you’re gonna get another case.”
  • “There’s always been a shortage, you know, of nurses in the field.”
  • “I was like, wait a second, I’m making like $30 an hour in the hospital, and you’re saying I can charge $150 an hour just for the nursing knowledge?”

 Action Steps:

  1. Consider career diversification: Abigail Stanley’s transition showcases the value of leveraging industry expertise to open new professional avenues.
  2. Gain additional certifications to expand your qualifications: Abigail emphasized how additional certifications can enhance credibility and open doors.
  3. Embrace entrepreneurship in your field to create business opportunities: Abigail’s success with Legal Nurse Secrets, LLC illustrates how entrepreneurship can lead to innovative business solutions and growth.
  4. Engage in networking to scale your business and manage resources effectively: Abigail’s management of her growing team exemplifies the importance of networking and scalability for project-based work.
  5. Leverage your experience to empower others through education and training programs: By sharing her knowledge through Legal Nurse Secrets, Abigail helps other nurses understand their value and the possibility of achieving a work-life balance.

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