$5,500,000.00 Construction Site Injury Settlement

We represented a Father of 4 who was severely and permanently injured when he fell into an open and unmarked Elevator Shaft at an Apartment Complex in Bloomington, IN. The General Contractor violated numerous OSHA standards and eventually settled the case with our Client.

$1,100,000.00 Large Truck Accident Settlement

Our Client was a Passenger in a Rental Car when a Large Truck drove into her Car. She spent 2 Weeks at the Hospital with Internal Bleeding and Serious Internal Injuries. The Case Settled before Suit was filed.

$12,000,000.00 Bus Accident Settlement

Client and her mother were driving to a shopping center. Defendant bus driver ran a red light and struck their vehicle, causing serious physical injuries as well as brain injuries.

$6,500,000.00 Truck Accident Settlement

Client truck driver was operating his vehicle on the interstate and was involve din a head on collision with another truck. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with multiple fractures and a serious brain injury.

$6,200,000.00 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Client was operating a motorcycle and was hit by a corporate truck. The client sustained serious orthopedic injuries causing him to be hospitalized for over a month.

$1,100,000.00 Drunk Driver Settlement

Client was on the side of the highway under the hood of a disabled vehicle attempting to assist another motorist when a drunk driver smashed into the disabled vehicle causing life-threatening injuries to our client. Case was filed and resolved at a mediation.

$975,000.00 Corporate Car Accident Settlement

Company Pickup Truck Car Crash Case. Client was driving on the Interstate west of Indianapolis when a company pick up truck lost control, crossed over the median and struck the client’s car head on. Case settled at a Pre-suit Mediation.

$800,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

$800,000.00 Settlement – Car Crash Case. Client was police officer finishing his shift when the Defendant ran through a red light crashing into the side of the police cruiser. Our client could not remember anything from the crash as a result of the injuries. The Insurance Company tried to take advantage of it by claiming that the Defendant did not run the red light. We filed suit and our Team worked hard to find witnesses and evidence that proved the Defendant ran through the red light. The case settled at mediation.

$798,000.00 Judgment On Bar Fight/Negligent Security

Client was attacked at a night club by other patrons and had his jaw broken. An entire hallway was blocked off by the assailants prior to the altercation. The fight happened mere feet from a serving bar but the club staff did not intervene. After being sued the bar became unresponsive. After a hearing a default verdict was awarded. The case later settled.

$700,000.00 Truck Accident Settlement

Semi Tractor Trailer Crash Case. Hispanic Client was driving to Chicago in Rural Indiana when a Semi smashed into the rear of the car. Insurance Company tried to say our client was driving too slow for the Interstate. We filed suit, litigated the case and settled at mediation.

$675,000.00 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Client was on his Motorcycle travelling through an intersection when Defendant turned Left in front of the Motorcycle. Client was thrown from his motorcycle and rushed to the Hospital with serious orthopedic injuries. Case was filed and resolved at mediation.

$622,000.00 Wrongful Death Settlement

Client’s father was killed in an automobile accident while he was working. His worker’s compensation claim was paid out in full. We then went after the negligent third party and the decedent’s employer’s underinsured motorist policy. After several months discussing whether the employer’s underinsured motorist policy applied the insurance company was convinced it did and paid out the limits of their policy, which were reduced by any previous amounts paid by worker’s compensation. In total, the estate received $1,000,000.00

$440,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

Defendant was pulling out of a restaurant parking lot (left hand turn) and struck clients, a husband and wife. Husband broke his sternum but more seriously was permanently brain damaged. His wife had rib fractures but the majority of her monetary recovery was for to negligent infliction of emotional distress and loss of services as she now had to take care of her husband.

$375,000.00 Bicycle Accident Settlement

Client was struck by a motor vehicle while riding his bicycle. Client suffered a fractured pelvis and leg. The driver of the motor vehicle was working, but her company claimed she was an independent contractor, therefore, not covered under their insurance. We filed summary judgment and it was decided that she was indeed an employee covered by the company’s insurance.

$355,000.00  Truck Accident Settlement

Client was rear-ended by a work truck at a stop sign. Damages to client included both permanent physical and psychological injuries. Mediation failed, but weeks before trial the defendant’s insurance company substantially raised their previous offer and the case was settled.

$320,000.00 Gunshot Settlement

Client was a teenager who was shot in the elbow when a firearm discharged as another teenager was placing it into the back of his truck. Two insurance polices arguably applied, a homeowner’s policy and an automobile policy. The issues were prepped and both insurers participated and made contributions at mediation.

$312,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

Defendant’s vehicle crossed the center lane and stuck client head on. Client suffered approximately 20 broken bones including foot, arm, knee, and vertebra. This case involved 3 different insurance companies each with different coverages (liability, UIM on the vehicle, UIM on the client). There was a disagreement over the amount Uninsured Motorist Coverage provided by one of the UIM carriers as it was less than the stated liability limits which is not allowed per Indiana’s UIM/UM Statute. They ended up paying their higher liability limits.

$252,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

Client(s) were driving around a curve and another driver heading in the opposite direction crossed in their lane and hit them head on. The other driver said it was not his fault and blamed the weather.

$250,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

Passenger Car Crash Case. Client was a Minor and a Passenger in a vehicle. Defendant ran a red light and struck the passenger’s side of the car. Client was rushed to Children’s Hospital with a Broken Leg. Defendant’s insurance company tried to blame the driver of our car (Client’s relative). Case was filed and settled at Mediation.

$240,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

Client was driving in Indianapolis when the Defendant pulled out of her driveway and into the path of our Client. Client suffered a broken eye socket requiring surgery.

$240,000.00 Bicycle Accident Settlement

Bicycle vs. Car Crash Case. Pizza Delivery Driver was in a hurry and cut off our Client who was training for his next Triathlon. Client suffered muscle and ligament tears requiring surgery. Our Lawyers travelled to Colorado to find and depose the Defendant. The Case was litigated and settled at a mediation.

$230,000.00 Drunk Driver Accident Settlement

Client was hit by a drunk driver. Client suffered a serious head injury but luckily recovered completely. The Case settled at a Pre-Suit Mediation.

$225,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

Client was rear-ended by a young defendant driving his father’s work truck. The Client sustained a permanent injury to his neck. We were able to settle the case at mediation after fully preparing the case for trial.

$225,000.00 Double Truck Accident Settlement

Client was travelling for work and rear ended on Interstate 69 by a Semi hauling Double Trailers (a.k.a. “B-train”) for a Freight Company. Client suffered an injury to their Low Back which required months of treatment including therapy and injections.

$210,000.00 Cement Truck Accident Settlement

Cement Mixer Truck Rear Ended our Clients who were pushed into 3 other cars. Clients suffered orthopedic injuries. Case was filed and settled soon after at a mediation.

$200,000.00 Car Accident Verdict ($100,000.00 Recovered)

Client was hit by an uninsured motorist. His own insurance company did not believe his claim that the injuries were related and permanent. A Jury awarded client twice our requested amount.

$185,000.00 Car Accident Settlement

Client was T-Boned resulting in a torn rotator cuff and hematoma in her leg. After the case was fully litigated and prepared for trial the case was successfully mediated and settled for $185,000.00. We also worked diligently with the client, her providers, and her health insurer to ensure you received the maximum recovery possible.

$115,000.00 Left Hand Turn Accident Settlement

Client was at an intersection and turned left in front the Defendant. Insurance Company denied the claim stating our Client was the one who turned left in front of their insured’s car. Generally, this is true, but our Lawyers successfully argued the exception to the “Left Hand Turn” rule. The evidence showed that the Defendant driver had an obligation to yield. A lawsuit was filed, and the case settled at mediation.