Stacie Porter Bilger is the Founder and President of Proof Digital, a business growth-marketing agency that blends modern marketing tools with traditional sales funnel processes. She spent the first 20 years of her career working with businesses to strategize development and connect them to investors. Before founding Proof Digital, Stacie worked for several Chambers of Commerce and startups like the Indiana Venture Center.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Stacie Porter Bilger shares her journey into entrepreneurship and digital marketing
  • What inspired Stacie to advocate for charter schools in Indiana?
  • Stacie’s role in creating the Indiana Venture Center
  • How Stacie pivoted from education to founding Proof Digital
  • The crucial role of data in making informed marketing decisions
  • SEO and digital marketing strategies for small businesses
  • Lead generation for law firms: how to measure ROI
  • Stacie highlights unethical practices to avoid in digital marketing
  • How to start a business while balancing family life

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In an era defined by technological advancement and shifting consumer behaviors, the avenues through which people search for legal services have shifted dramatically. A robust digital marketing strategy not only ensures visibility in these spaces but allows law firms to establish credibility, cultivate trust, and effectively communicate their expertise to a wider audience.

Experienced marketer Stacie Porter Bilger advocates for a holistic approach to digital marketing, incorporating elements of authenticity, ethics, and client satisfaction. Emphasizing the importance of data-driven insights, she highlights the significance of SEO, content development, and web optimization in enhancing brand visibility and driving customer engagement. Her forward-looking perspective anticipates emerging trends such as AI and video marketing while underscoring the timeless value of problem-solving and community building. With a focus on personalized strategies and leveraging AI for cost-effective solutions, Stacie empowers businesses, especially smaller firms, to establish a formidable digital presence.

In this episode of Circle City Conversations, Alex Limontes sits down with Stacie Porter Bilger, the Founder and President of Proof Digital, to talk about navigating the evolving digital marketing landscape. Stacie reflects on her early days as an educator and her journey into the digital marketing space. She highlights the crucial role of data-driven marketing, explores digital marketing strategies for small businesses, and provides insights on staying ahead of industry shifts.

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