Michael Langford is a mediator and arbitrator at The Mediation Group, LLC, a team of experienced former lawyers helping individuals and companies find resolutions for their legal disputes. A multifaceted professional, Michael previously litigated high-stakes civil lawsuits throughout his 27-year career as a trial lawyer, representing individuals, family-owned companies, and Fortune 500 corporations. In recognition of his trial skills, he has been inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and served as Chairman of the American College of Transportation Attorneys. When he’s not working, Michael enjoys coaching a high school debate team, attending concerts, performing as a stand-up comedian, and spending time with his wife and three children.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Michael Langford discusses growing up in Indiana, high school sports, and his law career
  • Michael reflects on his early days as an attorney
  • How has law practice evolved?
  • Michael’s epiphany for transitioning from law to mediation
  • Litigation strategies in trial law
  • The differences between being a mediator and a trial lawyer
  • Case study: a unique and successful FMLA case with a surprising outcome
  • Michael emphasizes the importance of speech and debate in high schools
  • An overview of concert venues and local bands in Indianapolis
  • Michael’s experience with stand-up comedy and his other creative outlets

In this episode…

In addition to professional fulfillment, a career in law presents opportunities for social impact. It embodies a commitment to societal betterment, leading the population toward the change it needs by advocating for justice. Learn how a former trial attorney impacts the legal industry and his community.

In an open and insightful discussion, Michael Langford, a veteran lawyer turned mediator, unveils his multifaceted career as an attorney, mediator, stand-up comedian, and high school debate team coach. The conversion delves into his early days as a trial attorney and his transition to mediation and arbitration, highlighting the lessons he learned over three decades of practicing law. He emphasizes the importance of credibility, professionalism, and collegiality for litigators or mediators. As the narrative unfolds, Michael reflects on his most impactful cases, including a successful FMLA case that resulted in a six-figure verdict and a tragic car accident that prompted a review of the Dram Shop Act. He highlights intricate trial strategies he employs to achieve positive outcomes and his favorite aspects of litigation. Additionally, Michael shares his passion for coaching a high school debate team, how he overlaps stand-up comedy and law, and his outdoor adventures in Indianapolis.

Join us on this latest episode of Circle City Conversations as Alex Limontes hosts Michael Langford, a mediator and arbitrator at The Mediation Group, LLC. Michael reflects on his law career trajectory, his most impactful cases, and his transition from trial law to mediation. He also highlights the importance of speech and debate teams in high schools, the surprising link between litigation and stand-up comedy, and the unforgettable adventures Indianapolis offers.

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