A tractor-trailer tire blowout isn’t just a mechanical issue — it’s a potentially catastrophic event that poses a hazard to everyone in the area, including the driver of the truck. The most immediate danger of this type of accident lies in the loss of control of the rig. The force of a tire blowout can send a truck careening across lanes on an unpredictable and potentially deadly path. A tractor-trailer suddenly veering off course becomes a threat to anything in its vicinity and the odds of a collision are exponentially higher as the truck becomes a massive, out-of-control projectile.

When a truck loses control at a high rate of speed due to a blowout, the risk of a secondary accident also amplifies. Roadway debris from tire treading, as well as other factors, can cause other accidents in the area.

Additionally, there is also the potential for rollovers due to the destabilization caused by a blown-out tire, which can crush nearby vehicles, causing severe injuries, and even fatalities.

Unfortunately, truck accidents in Indiana stemming from a tire blowout are not uncommon. Suing for damages is possible under certain circumstances. However, the ability to successfully win a lawsuit will depend on various factors, such as the specifics of the incident, the extent of damages or injuries, and the evidence available to support a claim.

Common negligent actions include using worn-out or retread tires, overloading, or failing to properly service the vehicle. In some instances, a defective tire or part might be the cause of the blowout and if this is the case, the tire manufacturer or a third party in the supply chain could be held liable.

Suing for damages resulting from a truck tire blowout is a complex legal matter. When such an incident occurs, it’s crucial to gather evidence, including witness statements, photos, and any relevant documentation to support your case. Seeking advice from an experienced personal injury attorney knowledgeable in Indiana’s laws regarding truck accidents can help navigate the legal complexities and guide you through the process of seeking compensation for any damages and losses that have incurred.

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