Every day, countless semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and other commercial vehicles travel across Indiana’s extensive highway network, which includes Interstates, U.S. Highways, and State Roads. Oftentimes, these vehicles leave behind pieces of rubber when their tires lose treading, creating a significant hazard for other motorists. Truck drivers are frequently unaware when these incidents occur, and this debris can remain on roadways for extended periods of time. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident caused by truck tire debris, you may be wondering about your legal rights related to seeking compensation for injuries and damages.

Determining liability for an accident involving truck tire debris will depend on its origins. If an accident was caused by debris that was shed by a truck and the driver can be located and identified, the trucking company will typically be at fault for the incident. However, if a truck driver flees the scene or is unaware of what occurred, identification becomes difficult and can complicate the recovery process.

If the responsible truck cannot be identified, gathering evidence, such as obtaining statements from eyewitnesses, CCTV or dashboard footage, can be helpful in determining liability. Providing authorities with any available information, such as the truck’s make and model, description, or branding, can help track down the negligent company.

In many cases, truck drivers themselves can be victims of truck tire incidents, which typically involve their employer’s negligent actions such as improperly using retreaded tires or failing to routinely service their rigs. In such cases, drivers may be entitled to sue if they are hurt in an accident.

Another scenario involves a car swerving to avoid truck tire debris, causing an accident with nearby vehicles. If the debris was deemed “avoidable,” the driver who ran over the debris or performed an unsafe maneuver may be held liable. Complications with insurance claims can also arise as a result of these types of accidents.

Due to the inherent nature of these cases, suing for accidents involving truck tire and roadway debris can be a complex process and requires the expertise of a skilled personal injury attorney who is familiar with handling truck accident cases.

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