Many of the truck accidents that plague Indiana’s streets and highways are, without a doubt, preventable incidents. Unfortunately, these accidents often stem from careless and reckless decisions made by both truckers and the trucking companies that employ them. It’s crucial, however, to acknowledge that not all the blame can be placed on the shoulders of truck drivers — defective equipment and poor road maintenance by government agencies and contractors can also play a role.

There are three primary reasons behind many truck accidents in Indiana; the first culprit is the issue of distracted driving. This hazardous behavior, already illegal and irresponsible for any driver, becomes even more so when exhibited by truck drivers due to the sheer size and weight of their vehicles. The consequences can be catastrophic, leading to substantial property damage and, tragically, fatalities.

Another significant factor contributing to truck accidents in Indiana is the pressure placed on truck drivers to work long hours. Some drivers, flouting regulations, disregard the mandatory breaks stipulated by the law. The dangers escalate when sharing the road with a fatigued truck driver, potentially falling asleep at the wheel or lacking the mental alertness required to navigate an 18-wheeler through traffic. In response to this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has implemented hours-of-service regulations, limiting the number of hours drivers can spend on the road and mandating rest breaks.

The third major cause revolves around the grave issue of driving under the influence. It is illegal for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers to operate a tractor-trailer with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.04 or higher, a stricter limit compared to non-commercial drivers. The FMCSA also enforces pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing for truck drivers, aiming to maintain a sober and safe environment on the roads.

Addressing the top causes of truck accidents in Indiana requires a multi-faceted approach. Truckers must be educated on the importance of adhering to regulations and the severe consequences of negligent behavior. Simultaneously, authorities need to ensure that roads are properly maintained to reduce the risk of accidents caused by external factors. By collectively tackling distracted driving, working long hours, and driving while impaired, we can strive to make Indiana’s roads safer for everyone.

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