Jamison Allen is an Injury Trial Attorney at Marc Lopez Law Firm, an Indiana legal firm dedicated to helping people facing criminal charges and personal injury litigation. A former insurance company attorney, Jamison leverages his experience to protect his clients in injury cases. He has litigated jury trials across the state and represented clients before the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court.

Jamison earned his JD from the University of Illinois College of Law and has practiced for 20 years. Born and raised in Indiana, he graduated from Indiana State University with a double major in social studies education and theater. When he’s not litigating, Jamison is active in many community organizations with his wife and three daughters.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jamison Allen reflects on his career journey
  • How has the pandemic impacted the jury trial landscape?
  • How Jamison’s background as a theater major influences his storytelling and public speaking skills during trials
  • Jamison shares a significant win in a high-profile case during the pandemic
  • Navigating insurance companies’ tactics in injury cases involving the elderly
  • Legal strategies and client care in personal injury law
  • The importance of professionalism, collaboration, and mutual aid in the legal profession

In this episode…

Personal injuries caused by road accidents, workplace incidents, and medical negligence often result in severe trauma to victims. While filing a claim can help victims assess legal options, it can be challenging for injured parties to receive their claims from insurance companies. How can victims ensure they recover the compensation they deserve?

Insurance policies often have claim payout limits, which caused insurance companies to employ various tactics to reduce the payout for injury victims or even deny the claims altogether. Personal injury expert Jamison Allen reveals how insurers use age and health to devalue elderly plaintiffs’ claims and how victims can protect themselves. Insurance companies know injured people are often in pain, taking powerful medications, anxious about how their bills will get paid, and uninformed about their rights under the law. Therefore, having a professional personal injury lawyer can prevent victims from losing their rightful compensation. Drawing from his extensive experience in trial law, Jamison recounts how a victim’s determination to fight for justice led to a higher settlement and a successful outcome. He advises attorneys to understand the client’s perspective and value their case based on their unique circumstances.

In this episode of the Circle City Conversations podcast, Alex Limontes sits with Jamison Allen, Injury Trial Attorney at Marc Lopez Law Firm, to discuss trial strategies and client preparation in injury claim cases. He highlights the importance of understanding the jury’s perspective in a personal injury case and shares case studies of his high-profile trials. Jamison also reflects on his career journey, the value of networking with other attorneys, and how the pandemic has changed the jury trial landscape.

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