Faith Elizabeth Alvarez is an Indiana trial lawyer and attorney at Alvarez Legal, LLC. With over a decade of experience, she assists clients in multiple practice areas, including federal litigation, serious injury, civil rights violations, and wrongful death cases. Before private practice, she served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the Special Victims Unit of the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. Faith is committed to fighting injustice and lends her talents to protecting the rights and interests of women and children. She is bilingual and assists clients in both English and Spanish.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How the housing bubble and subsequent recession influenced Faith Elizabeth Alvarez’s career transition into law
  • Navigating LSAT and law school during pregnancy and as a new mom
  • Faith reflects on her experience as a federal judge’s clerk and how she later became a federal prosecutor
  • Why did Faith start her private practice focused on civil rights cases?
  • How Faith leverages TikTok to reach her audience
  • How do you get justice in a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit?
  • The demand for bilingual attorneys

In this episode…

Pregnancy discrimination remains prevalent in corporate spaces despite there being laws against such discrimination. Research reveals that one in five moms experience discrimination in the workplace — from being denied benefits to being fired. How can victims of this injustice navigate the legal process?

Trial lawyer and attorney Faith Elizabeth Alvarez understands the intricacies of pregnancy in the corporate space. She reflects on her experiences attending law school and establishing a thriving legal career as a mother, highlighting issues such as the challenges of returning to work post-maternity leave and the economic benefits of supporting mothers in the workplace. Faith emphasizes building awareness around legal protections and how helpful discrimination lawyers are in the workplace. Discrimination lawyers can assist with cases such as collecting back wages and providing financial validation and support for clients in pregnancy discrimination suits. Faith also shares how she leverages social media to raise awareness of workplace discrimination against mothers.

Join host Alex Limontes in this episode of the Circle City Conversations  as he welcomes Faith Elizabeth Alvarez, trial lawyer and attorney at Alvarez Legal, LLC. They delve into Faith’s brilliant career pivot, how to navigate pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace, and why she started her firm focused on civil rights cases. She also discusses leveraging social media to raise awareness and the power of bilingualism in the legal profession.

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