Intersections with stop signs are far too often the scene of accidents as drivers who are not paying attention blow through them an injury innocent people.

In the case of Wilde v. Allender, Diana Wilde was riding as a passenger in a truck with her husband. The couple was driving to their home in Franklin, Indiana. The Wildes came to an intersection with stop signs and proceeded into the intersection when all the sudden, Hailey Allender ran a stop sign and pulled into the Wilde’s path, resulting in a “T-bone” collision. Wilde suffered a fracture to her right arm due to the crash. As a result, Wilde underwent surgical repair that forced doctors to use metal plates and screws. Even after the surgery, Wilde still had continued pain, and furthermore, her medical bills came to $48,898. Her Stanley medicals were $8,540.

Wilde sued Allender, blaming her for causing the accident and resulting injuries. Allender admitted fault for the crash, but disputed the nature and extent of Wilde’s claimed injuries. The court records do not identify any retained defense experts. The case went to trial for two days on the sole issue of damages. The jury had multiple questions, among them included: “Why did Diana delay following up with doctors instead of returning the next day?” Other questions were, “What did plaintiff hit arm on?” and “Of the amount accepted by medical providers: $8,540.46, can you tell us what was actually paid by Diana vs. what was paid by her insurance?” The court rejected all three questions and did not answer them.

The jury went into deliberation for over one hour before returning with a verdict for Wilde in the amount of $300,000. This was thirty-five times her Stanley medicals.

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