According to the Insurance Information Institute, nearly 14% of all motorists on Indiana roadways drive without insurance. This poses a significant problem for those involved in accidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers.

When a driver is in a car accident, they typically turn to their own car insurance or the at-fault driver’s liability insurance to cover the costs for medical bills and property damage. As a general rule of thumb, the at-fault party’s insurance provider is responsible for covering these losses.

However, when an uninsured driver causes an accident in Indiana, the situation becomes legally and financially complicated. Without liability insurance, there’s no avenue for victims to immediately obtain compensation. This absence of coverage requires victims to explore alternative sources to recover their losses. These include filing a personal injury lawsuit against the uninsured driver and/or seeking compensation through uninsured and underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage if the victim has it as part of their insurance policy. Unfortunately, not all drivers will carry this protection. Although insurers in Indiana are required by law to include UM/UIM coverage on a policy, it can be rejected in writing by the insured, so not everyone will have this option available.

In addition to civil liabilities, uninsured drivers may face serious legal ramifications for driving without insurance, such as fines and license suspensions. Indiana’s financial responsibility laws further require drivers to demonstrate the ability to cover damages they cause, potentially leading to additional penalties.

Obtaining compensation in a car or truck accident involving an uninsured driver in Indiana requires a thorough understanding of our state’s personal injury laws, experience in dealing with insurance companies, and other complex factors. Seeking legal assistance from a skilled personal injury attorney is vital for a successful outcome to your case.

Overall, accidents involving uninsured drivers in Indiana pose significant challenges for victims seeking compensation, emphasizing the importance of appropriate insurance coverage and legal guidance.

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