If you have ever driven or even sat in a car for a while during the summer, then you realize that the temperature inside can increase dramatically. It is dangerous to leave living beings such as children inside the car during these warm weather months. In the year 2021, 17 children have already died after being left in hot cars. Since 1990, over a thousand children have lost their lives. But there is new invention on the market that is aiming to prevent these tragedies.

The new 2022 Genesis GV70 is equipped with an alarm that is able to detect children left behind in a car in as quickly as 10 seconds. The alarm system will also send the driver a notification on their phone if they have the Genesis app downloaded as well. There are some concerns about the new technology though. For starters, the alarm system will only work once the vehicle is locked. If there is a child in the car that cannot open the door of the car by themselves, then the alarm system won’t be able to save the child. Other car manufacturers have tinkered with a similar kind of alert system, but for theirs the rear door has to have been opened at some point during the car trip for the alarm to work. There is an infrastructure bill before Congress that would make hot car alert systems mandatory in all new cars. For those that cannot afford a new car at the moment, here are some tips in order to ensure that you do not leave your child left behind.

  • Create a routine where you check the backseat during each car trip even if your child is not with you.
  • Create a visual reminder in the front seat when your child’s with you by putting an object near you such as a child’s toy.
  • Keep your car locked at your residence and your keys out of reach.