When it comes to safety and security, some cities in Indiana have proven to be exceptionally secure places to call home. Based on the recently published State of Safety Survey by SafeWise, the list below represents the 10 safest cities in Indiana for 2023. These cities have demonstrated a commitment to providing their residents with a secure environment with consistently low crime rates. Whether you’re considering a move or simply curious about the safest places in Indiana, these cities are worth looking into:

1. St. John
2. Zionsville
3. Dyer
4. Carmel
5. Fishers
6. Brownsburg
7. Westfield
8. West Lafayette
9. Huntington
10. Greenfield

Also noted by the State of Safety Survey, Hoosiers, in general, have a lower level of concern about safety and security compared to the national average. Indiana residents expressed greater worry about package theft and property crime rather than violent crime or gun violence. This finding aligns with the fact that respondents were more likely to have experienced property crime than violent crime.

While these 10 cities in Indiana have shown a strong dedication to safety and security, it is important to remember that safety can vary within neighborhoods and individual circumstances. It is always advisable to research and assess specific areas of interest before making any decisions.

Overall, these cities provide a snapshot of the safest places in Indiana, offering residents a sense of peace and tranquility in their daily lives. Whether you are a current resident or considering a move, these cities exemplify the importance of prioritizing safety and creating secure communities for all to enjoy.