Personal Injury Cases usually come in two parts, Fault and Damages. In order to get to the Damages portion of the case, you have to show fault or show caused the accident or injury. In most cases involving someone who fell, the injuries can be significant which is terrible. However, Personal Injury Lawyers cannot even get to the Damages portion of the case until they have shown the jury that the Defendant is more likely than not at fault for the accident. Even then, the Jury might assess some Comparative Fault on the Plaintiff who suffered a personal injury simply because it is a fall case.

Falling in Elderly Adults

Thirty-three percent of adults age 65 and older suffer from falls on a yearly basis. In 2007, 18,000 of those falls resulted in fatalities. Medical costs related to falls totaled $19 billion in the year 2000! Falls in older adults have caused most bone fractures than any other single cause. Those that are victims of a fall injury can develop a fear of falling which could lead to less daily activity for fear that they may fall again.

How can you limit personal injury after a fall?

Regular exercise not only improves balance and muscle strength but has been shown to lead to a longer more fulfilled life. Many studies show that Tai Chi is a low impact form of exercise that older adults can actively engage in and improves balance.  Some prescribed medications cause side effects that can affect your balance such as dizziness. One should always be aware of the medications that they are taking and look into viable alternatives if the side effects create a hazard. Another good course of action is to have regular eye examinations and always wear appropriate eye wear to improve vision. Wearing suitable footwear has also become another avenue to battle fall injuries. Many retailers are offering stylish affordable footwear specifically engineered to be “slip-resistant”. Finally, you can make your home safer by improving the lighting, reducing tripping hazards and adding railings where necessary.

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On the other hand, sometimes there is nothing that you can do to prevent a fall. Perhaps the hazard was caused by another person or the lighting was not sufficient to warn you of the upcoming dangers. Construction companies, municipalities, retail stores, restaurants, and most establishments open to the public have a duty to keep the premises in a safe condition. If you or a loved one have suffered from a fall and would like to have a free consultation with an experienced attorney, contact Hurst Limontes LLC.