Commonly seen in TV shows and movies, t-bone collisions can be one of the scariest and most dangerous accidents anyone can experience.

A t-bone collision, also known as a side impact or angular collision, are among the most deadly and devastating accidents that can happen, and mainly take place at traffic intersections.

In the typical T-bone car accident, the driver and passengers in the car struck on its side suffer the greatest amount of harm. The driver of the other vehicle benefits from the safety features common to all cars that protect against injuries in a front-end accident (seat belts, airbags, and crumple-zones). Not so for the occupants of the car struck on its side, whose belts and airbags do less good to protect them from a jarring impact against a side-panel measuring just inches wide.

Let’s start with the obvious. In a T-bone collision, the driver of at least one of the vehicles is going to be at fault for the accident. Traffic should not cross an intersection at right angles at the same time, which means one of the two drivers should not have entered the intersection. What might cause a driver to enter an intersection wrongfully? These can range from speeding to distraction and potentially even impairment.

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