All drivers should know they have to purchase auto insurance under Indiana law. However, when it comes to choosing the right insurance—or making a claim—many people are at a loss for how to proceed. If you are in a crash, you should know that an experienced personal injury attorney is here to help. The Law Office of Hurst Limontes LLC not only handles cases in court but also can navigate the often confusing auto insurance claim process on your behalf.

Fault-Based Insurance

While some states require drivers to carry no-fault insurance, Indiana mandates fault-based insurance policies. Fault-based insurance depends on the premise of negligence—if one driver is deemed negligent, that driver’s insurance should cover the losses of any accident victims. This means that to obtain payment from someone else’s insurance, you need to prove that they were negligent and at fault for the crash. Negligence means that someone breached a duty of care and caused you harm. Drivers are expected to operate their cars in reasonably safe ways, and if they fail to do so and cause injuries, they can face negligence claims.

In some cases, a driver and the insurer will admit liability, but in others, they will question it. For example, a driver may claim he did nothing wrong and that you were actually at fault, or may state you were partially at fault to try to limit his own liability. In this situation, a skilled attorney on your side can provide evidence of the other driver’s negligence and fight for the full amount of your claim.

Proving Damages

Whether or not the other driver admits liability, you will still need to prove the amount of losses you are seeking. You cannot simply ask for a certain amount of money and expect the insurer to hand it over. Instead, an insurance company may question whether your injuries were as serious as you claimed, whether you needed all of your medical treatments, whether you needed to miss that much work, and more. An attorney can assist you in providing evidence to prove the full value of your losses.

If a settlement offer is inadequate, accepting it can terribly harm your financial situation. Instead, always hire a lawyer who understands Indiana insurance claims to review the offer and advise you whether it is sufficient in your individual case. If an insurance company will not offer enough, the right attorney can then file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf against the negligent driver to seek the full amount you deserve.

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