We all rely on our hands and arms to get us through each day: To eat and drink, to get dressed, to drive to work, and to work. We can’t overstate the important role that your hands and arms play in your life. As such, arm and hand injuries are some of the most difficult injuries to overcome—both physically and emotionally.

If you suffered an arm and hand injury in an accident that someone else’s negligence caused, you know just how traumatizing and debilitating that is. In fact, such an accident is likely to drastically alter your life and lifestyle. If you’re the victim of an arm and hand injury, you need an experienced arm and hand injury attorney.

Accidents and Arm and Hand Injuries

Arm and hand injuries are common in car accidents—as the driver clenches the steering wheel throughout impact or as passengers brace themselves against the dashboard or forward seat. Car accidents can lead to serious arm and hand injuries with long-lasting negative repercussions.

While car accidents are a leading cause of arm and hand injuries, other accidents frequently cause such injuries, including:

If you suffered an arm and hand injury in an accident that someone else’s negligence caused, you need skilled legal counsel. The dedicated legal team at The Law Office of Hurst Limontes LLC in Indianapolis has experience at bringing these often-complicated claims to just resolutions, and we’re here to help.

Common Arm and Hand Injuries

The arm and hand injuries common to car accidents (and other kinds of accidents) include:

  • Fractured bones. When the impact of a car accident strikes, traps, or knocked around your arms or hands, they can incur fractured bones that lead to ongoing physical complications.
  • A sprain occurs when the ligaments that connect your bones stretch but don’t overly tear. You might experience pronounced physical disabilities throughout the sometimes-lengthy healing process.
  • Damaged tendons. Tendons connect your bones and muscles, and the impact of an accident can inflame these tendons—leading to the painful and often-debilitating condition known as tendonitis.
  • Torn ligaments. A torn ligament—either complete or partial—can necessitate extensive surgeries to repair the damage. If not treated swiftly and effectively, a torn ligament in the arm or hand can lead to long-term usage loss.
  • Dislocated joints. Without effective and prompt treatment, forcing the joints that connect the bones in your hands and arms out of their proper alignment can result in permanent damage.

Arm and Hand Injuries: The Symptoms

Accidents of any kind can disorient and overwhelm anyone. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible after any significant accident—car accident or otherwise. If you were in a car accident (or another kind of accident), you may not immediately know what injuries you’ve sustained.

The following symptoms are closely associated with arm and hand injuries:

  • Pain, discomfort, or stiffness in the region of the arm and hand
  • Swelling in the region of the arm and hand
  • Inability or difficulty flexing or straightening the wrists or fingers
  • Numbness or weakness in the region of the arm and hand
  • Discoloration in the region of the arm and hand

Seeking immediate medical care will allow a medical professional to perform tests to ascertain the extent of your injuries and to begin appropriate treatments, which can help mitigate any long-term damage. Early medical intervention is always the healthiest choice.

Your Expenses

Accidents that lead to arm and hand injuries can prove expensive. Your arms and hands are not only integral to your livelihood but are also complex physical structures that can require delicate and costly surgeries to repair. These medical costs may include:

  • Emergency transportation from the scene of the accident
  • Emergency medical treatments
  • Surgeries and aftercare
  • Appointments, treatments, and care from doctors, specialists, surgeons, and physical therapists
  • Ongoing treatments, care, and therapy
  • Prescription medications
  • Adaptive medical devices
  • Home and vehicle adaptations

The Extent of Your Arm and Hand Injury Claim

Arm and hand injuries are among the costliest in terms of the effect they have on your earning potential, your quality of life, and your emotional well-being. No matter your occupation, your hands almost certainly play a vital role in your work. If you suffer an arm or hand injury, your ability to work will take a hit—if not come to a complete stop (either temporarily or permanently). Lost wages from work and a diminished capacity to earn income during your lifetime can prove extremely costly. This is not to mention the pain and suffering you’ve endured.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of an arm and hand injury, and do not leave your claim to chance. You need an experienced arm and hand injury attorney to carefully assess the extent of your damages and to aggressively advocate for your just compensation.

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Arm and hand injuries are common to many kinds of accidents, and they can lead to significant overarching damages. Your hands and arms are elemental to your very way of life and to your livelihood. If you suffered an arm and hand injury in an accident that someone else’s negligence caused, you need experienced legal counsel. Don’t leave your rights or your rightful, considerable compensation to chance.

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