* As a preface to the article below, Hurst Limontes does not accept pet injury claims. Therefore, if your dog is attacked by another dog, we will not be able to assist with legal representation. However, this doesn’t mean you are not entitled to compensation. There are law firms that handle these types of cases, but we do not.

Dog parks can be a great place for pets to receive much needed enrichment and exercise. They also provide a way for fellow dog lovers to socialize and enjoy some time outdoors. However, an enjoyable visit to a local Indiana dog park can quickly turn into a nightmare if an unleashed dog attacks or bites another visitor.

Because of the existence of many off-leash dog parks in Indiana, dog bites are not uncommon in these settings. When dealing with litigation stemming from dog bites in Indiana, there are inherent challenges due to the state’s approach to leash laws and pet ownership regulations. While most other states have clear, consistent statutes governing the restraint of dogs in public spaces, including dog parks, Indiana relies on a patchwork of city-to-city ordinances. This results in a complex situation for owners and victims alike. For this reason, presenting a compelling case and proving negligence for a dog park attack will require a skilled personal injury attorney familiar with Indiana law.

When a dog bite occurs in Indiana, whether it’s in a park or any other public area, an owner can be held liable for the resulting injuries. Establishing liability in these cases, however, can be challenging. According to Indiana law, a dog owner can be held liable if a victim can prove that the owner knew or should have known that the dog was likely to bite or act aggressively. This legal principle, known as the “one-bite rule,” places a significant emphasis on an owner’s knowledge of their dog’s behavior and their duty to take reasonable precautions to prevent injuries to others.

Within the confines of a dog park, owners are not exempt from this legal standard. Many dog parks in Indiana require owners to obtain off-leash permits as well as proof of up-to-date vaccinations and most are considered “use at your own risk” areas, so establishing liability and holding parties accountable will require a careful review of the specific circumstances of an incident.

Navigating the legal landscape surrounding dog bites in Indiana requires an understanding of local ordinances, case law, and legal precedents. With the absence of statewide leash laws, dog owners must familiarize themselves with the regulations specific to their municipality and take proactive measures to prevent potential harm to others.

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