Marc Lopez is an Indiana trial lawyer and seasoned injury attorney. A self-described fighter of injustice, Marc is passionate about drunk driving (DUI) defense and personal injury cases. He founded his law firm in 2009 after a brief career in the prosecutor’s office and has since grown the firm to include seven lawyers. Under his management, Marc Lopez Law Firm has helped clients injured on the job, in automobile collisions, or otherwise seriously hurt by carelessness and negligence. Beyond his duties as a defense attorney, Marc is a CEO, marketer, husband, and manager.




Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What catalyzed Marc Lopez’s career in law and transition to trial litigation?
  • Resources and training that accelerated the development of Marc’s trial skills
  • What is the science behind DUI prosecution?
  • Common misconceptions about OVWI (operating a vehicle while under the influence) laws in Indiana
  • Marc reflects on his mentor’s impact at the time of launching Marc Lopez Law Firm
  • How can lawyers leverage video content marketing?
  • The importance of client focus and exceptional service delivery
  • A murder case with emotional insights: Marc shares his most challenging trial
  • Marc’s tips for achieving work-life balance as an attorney

In this episode…

Private law practice is a challenging endeavor with potential pitfalls such as operational expenses, client acquisition hurdles, overwhelming administrative tasks, and keeping up with technology. How do you find the sweet spot between client satisfaction and entrepreneurial success?

Marc Lopez, a seasoned criminal defense lawyer, believes that having a passion for helping others and a client-focused approach is critical to finding this sweet spot. Drawing from extensive experience working as a trial lawyer and prosecutor, Marc emphasizes innovation, relentless skills acquisition, an entrepreneurial spirit, and mentorship as essential for private law practice success. For instance, by keeping up with current technologies and leveraging content marketing, attorneys improve their chances of success in the industry and improve service delivery. Though there is no one-size-fits-all in the legal profession, he offers three key takeaways: kindling a drive to fight injustice, understanding the science behind laws, and undertaking strategic self-promotion.

In this episode of the Circle City Conversations podcast, Alex Limontes welcomes Marc Lopez, seasoned trial and personal injury attorney, as they navigate the intricacies of trial law. Marc reflects on his journey in the legal profession and career trajectory from prosecutor to defense attorney. He also shares pro tips on leveraging content marketing and technology, running a client-focused firm, understanding the science behind DUI prosecution, and achieving work-life balance.

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