In today’s busy world, driving can be a stressful undertaking. The temptation to be aggressive on the road is always lingering, leading to an increased number of road rage incidents and accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving is involved in the majority of all traffic fatalities in the United States today, making it one of the leading causes of deadly car accidents.

Notably, Indiana has reported having more incidents of road rage than any other state in the country. There have been alarming reports of road rage shootings in Indianapolis. This year alone, 23 people have been shot, and there have been 77 cases where someone pointed a gun at another driver:

Road rage can have severe consequences for drivers and passengers alike. However, someone generally cannot sue another party for being an aggressive or intimating driver, but if an individual’s rageful actions lead to injuries and financial damages, then the affected party may be entitled to compensation. Having an experienced attorney protect your interests after a traumatic accident involving road rage can help strengthen your grounds for a personal injury claim.

In Indiana, drivers who commit acts of road rage can face misdemeanor charges and punishments even for a first offense, according to state laws under Indiana code: IC 9-21-12-13. Penalties may include a one-year driver’s license suspension, fines, and more than 180 days of jail time if they caused bodily harm to another person. Criminal charges will be more severe if the brandishing or use of a firearm is involved.

If you were the victim of road rage and suffered injuries, it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately after the incident. Not only does this protect your health, but it also helps link your injuries to the incident and will hold the other party accountable. Gathering doctors’ notes and medical records may also help support your claim for compensation.

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