According to early projections from the National Safety Council, the United States is in an unfortunate situation for a second year in a row; more than 46,000 people died in avoidable roadway accidents in a single year. Estimates also reflect the astounding fact that the mileage death rate in 2022 jumped by approximately 22% when compared to the pre-pandemic levels of 2019, highlighting the current risks of traveling on American roadways.

A ‘Mileage Death Rate’ is a calculation that compares traffic-related fatalities to vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to arrive at the rate of deaths per 100 million VMT. This type of comparison can paint a more accurate picture of vehicle travel risks.

To prioritize road safety in the US, policymakers, employers and citizens are being encouraged to work together. The first step is to challenge popular misconceptions of this clear and present national crisis. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s change in terminology from “accidents” to “crashes” represents an important step in changing how Americans perceive and talk about traffic accidents.

The deadly accident numbers in 2022 are varied based on geographical region, which had numerous contributing factors.

According to the Council’s preliminary projections, eight states and the District of Columbia saw a 10% or higher drop in fatalities, which breaks down as follows: Oklahoma (-25%), Idaho (-19%), Rhode Island (-17%), West Virginia (-15%), Montana (-14%), Minnesota (-12%), South Dakota (-12%), and Arizona (-10%).

Concurrently, ten states saw an increase in deaths of at least 14%: Alaska (+27%), Hawaii (+24%), Wyoming (+20%), Maine (+20%), New Hampshire (+19%), Delaware (+19%), Connecticut (+17%), Nebraska (+16%), Washington (+14%), and Indiana (+14%).

Estimates of traffic fatalities are susceptible to minor alterations as data become more reliable. The National Safety Council uses information from the National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the CDC, to include in its estimates deaths that occur within a year of an incident, as well as traffic and non-traffic crashes that happen on non-public highways such as parking lots and driveways.

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