In Nelson v. Diversified Logistics Services, plaintiff, Daniel Nelson, was driving his farm tractor on US 41 to get to his farmland in Newton County, Indiana. At the same time, defendant, Jorge Diaz, was driving a semi-tractor trailer for Diversified Logistic Services. Diaz was attempting to pass Nelson but swerved back over as a car was coming and crashed into the back of Nelson’s tractor at 60 mph. This caused serious injuries for Nelson.

Nelson suffered a traumatic brain injury, pelvic fracture, L5 nerve damage and five broken ribs. Nelson’s medical bills were $344,295.79 and Nelson expected to incur another $700,000 in the future. Nelson sued Diversified Logistic Services and Jorge Diaz, alleging that they were at fault for the accident. Nelson’s wife also had a loss of consortium claim. The last settlement offer made by the defense was $10 million.

Just weeks before trial, the defense admitted they were at fault for the collision. The insurance coverage for Diversified Logistic Services was $39 million. After trial, the jury came back with an award of $30 million. The jury gave $25 million to Daniel Nelson and $5 million for his wife’s loss of consortium.

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