It’s pretty clear that when someone has too much to drink, they should not drive. Drinking and driving has caused injuries, accidents and deaths for countless years. Most of the time, the liability is on the impaired driver for consuming drinks that likely caused the accident. However, what responsibility does a bar have when one of its patrons goes out and causes an accident shortly after they’ve been served?

In the case of Doe v. Roe Bar, Roe was a regular at a small roadside Charleston, South Carolina pool hall and bar and was allegedly served 24 drinks over a 5 hour period. When Roe left the bar, he allegedly exited the parking lot, darted into oncoming traffic and crashed into the motorcycle of John and Jane Doe. The motorcyclists were thrown from the vehicle, causing severe injuries. John Doe, who suffered a traumatic brain injury, anxiety, headaches and pain in his shoulder and knee, incurred medical expenses that exceeded $110,000 and counting. Jane Doe, who suffered injuries resulting in headaches and pain in her back, neck, ankle, shoulder and wrist, incurred more than $112,500 in medical expenses and counting.

Doe sued the bar, alleging that it lacked formal policies and procedures for preventing the excess distribution of alcohol. The plaintiffs asserted that the defendant also was liable for overserving Roe, who they argued, was grossly intoxicated and exhibiting obvious signs of impairment. The bar asserted that there was no proof of Roe’s intoxication and that some of the drinks he had purchased were for others at the bar. The parties would end up settling for $1.1 million.

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