When driving, it is always important to be aware of your surroundings and keep a proper lookout for any hazards that may be on the road. Failing to keep a proper lookout may cause unexpected accidents and injuries. Despite all of the rules and regulations that are in place for modern traffic, accidents still happen because of this.

In the case of Kleefeld v. Breese, Sean Kleefeld was coming back from a train station in Chicago and crossed a busy Chicago street that was crowded. David Breese allegedly turned onto the street, accelerated, fishtailed and struck Kleefeld. Kleefeld would suffer significant injuries from this accident. This would include a compound fracture of his left femur and a fracture and dislocated right shoulder. He had to undergo surgery and a titanium rod and multiple screws and plates were put into his leg. The accident also caused him to have to do many months of physical therapy in order to help him with his injuries. Kleefeld had incurred over $275,000 in medical expenses and missed 11 weeks from his job. Kleefeld was a technology worker and his income was approximately over $105,000. Not only did the accident cause injuries and cause Kleefeld to miss work, but as a marathon runner, the accident also affected the way he could run as well. Kleefeld would sue Breese, alleging that he did not keep an improper lookout thus causing the serious accident. Three witnesses testified that although Kleefeld had been crossing in the middle of the street, it was the defendant who was responsible for this accident. The parties settled for $600,000 before trial.

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