Stop signs are an important part of driver safety in today’s world. Motor vehicles can be considered deadly weapons that can kill people if they are going too fast. Stop signs prevent a lot of accidents, but unfortunately, they do not prevent all of them.

In the case of Doe v. Roe Trucking Co., Roe was driving an 18-wheeler for a national commercial trucking company. Roe was not paying attention to the road and allegedly ran a posted stop sign and collided with another driver Doe. Because of the severity of the accident and the serious damage to Doe’s vehicle, an emergency crew had to use the jaws of life to extract Doe from her car. She sustained cervical spinal injuries that necessitated spinal fusion surgery. In addition to all of the physical injuries that Doe acquired from the accident, Doe also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Doe is afraid to get into cars because of the accident and this has also affected her ability to work.

Doe would sue the trucking company, alleging liability for the crash because their employee was being negligent behind the wheel. The trucking company argued that Doe was speeding and talking on the phone at the time of the incident and that she was not wearing her seat belt as well. The parties would end up settling the case for $1.4 million before the trial. This is another cautionary tale on why you should pay attention to all street signs including stop signs. Maintaining focus on the road at all times and wearing your seat belt is a vital part of driver safety that could save your life.

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