As things are slowly getting back to normal in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerts are slowly becoming a common leisure event for many people. Before COVID many people would go to concerts every year. Concerts are slowly getting back to normal, but sometimes accidents can happen like at the Travis Scott concert.

Members of a packed crowd that tried to get to the front of the concert were crushed against each other at a Houston music festival Friday night. At least eight people were killed and scores of others were injured in the chaos, witnesses and officials said. Some of the wrongful deaths included children. The mayor of Houston indicated that at least 25 people were transported to the hospital and of those, 13 remained hospitalized the following, the mayor said. Five of them are under 18 years old, he added. The concert was sold out with about 50,000 people in attendance at NRG Park. Once the concert started, “all hell broke loose” and “all of what is to be 50,000 people ran to the front, compressing everyone together with the little air available.” There were also “mosh pits in every single direction.” There were more than 300 people who were treated at a field hospital set up near the festival Friday. Some of the people that were getting treated were in cardiac arrest. This was not the first time an tragic accident occurred at the concert as people died 2 years ago at the same concert as well. Safety concerns need to be addressed so that people do not die in the future. A simple slip and fall could result in someone getting trampled and shortly dying. There is an ongoing investigation to figure out what happened. People getting squeezed and trampled is a huge premises liability.

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