Hurst Limontes LLC is pleased to announce we’ve been selected by U.S. News and World Report in their “Best Law Firms in America” rankings for our personal injury practice in Indianapolis. Our lawyers focus solely on handling personal injury matters and we deal with customers like family, which is the reason we’re viewed so highly amongst other personal injury firms in Indianapolis. Not just have we been chosen to “Best Law Firms”, yet we’ve additionally gotten a Tier 1 positioning, which means we’re perceived as being outstanding amongst other individual injury firms in the Indianapolis area.

U.S. News and World Report has very specific requirements for being selected to Best Law Firms, including having at least one lawyers in your firm being recognized by “Best Lawyer in America”. On the off chance that you have a Best Lawyer in your firm (We have two, William W. Hurst and Alexander J. Limontes & two “Ones to Watch, Chase T. Wilson and Charles Hubley), at that point you’re qualified to apply for Best Law Firms in America. Firms must submit packets containing data about their firm and a rundown of clients. U.S. News and World Report can get some information about the firm. That information is then sent to other personal injury lawyers inquiring as to whether they’d suggest the firm being evaluated. U.S. News at that point takes the accommodation bundle, legal advisor input, and client feedback into consideration when positioning the firm.

Each firm is given a positioning of Metropolitan level 1-3, with level one being the best. We’re pleased to have been positioned as a level 1 law office.

A year ago 14,931 law offices broadly were qualified for a Best Law Firms positioning. Of those 9,422 got a level 1 positioning.