As Fall begins, there are a lot of festive things to do during the season. As Halloween gets closer and closer, haunted house become more popular then ever. Usually haunted houses are a safe place for patrons, but what happens if there is an accident at a haunted house.

At an Ohio haunted house called 7 Floors of Hell, an employee stabbed an 11-year-old boy in the foot while trying to scare him. The worker was holding a real bowie knife and struck the boy’s foot while stabbing the ground next to the boy, a police report said. The knife pierced the child’s croc shoes and cut his big toe. The mother of the boy said, “He walked up to my son and he was holding the knife and his intentions were to scare him, but my son responded to him by saying, ‘That’s fake. I’m not scared.’”  The person responsible for the incident was 22-year-old Christopher Pogozelski. Rodney Geffert, president of Night Scream Entertainment, which owns the 7 Floors of Hell attraction, said that the stabbing was an accident. He said, “I guess he got a little too close. It was a complete accident and poked the boy’s toe.” The mother of the boy was not please with Geffert’s comments. “They just kept saying accidents happen, accidents happen,” Bednarski explained. She also said that the staff initially denied her son first aid. “They told me that they were not certified to administer first aid,” she said. Geffert says that touching customers is prohibited and are only allowed to use the rubber prop knives provided by his company. “The police took the knife and I made it real clear with him, you don’t go to your vehicle and get something out like that. We just don’t do that,” Geffert explained. The knife was apparently brought from home and was promptly confiscated by the police. The mother decided to press criminal charges against the man over the stabbing.

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