It’s getting to be Summertime again, and many people take the cover off of their motorcycles and start to ride again once the weather gets nice. However, this also means that there is an uptick in motorcycle accidents. There are some ways to protect yourself if you own a motorcycle and there are some ways to protect those around you who are on a motorcycle.

If you own a motorcycle, the biggest way to keep yourself safe is to wear a helmet. If you happen to get into an accident while riding on your motorcycle, a helmet will protect you from the worst injuries, including Traumatic Brain Injuries, or TBI’s. TBI’s can significantly alter a person’s life, so it is important to limit the chance that these injuries happen.

If you are someone who lives near a major roadway where motorcycles are likely to be ridden, it is important to make sure that you do not put anything in the road that could cause an accident. One thing that is a surprising cause of motorcycle accidents is grass clippings in the road. These grass clippings can interfere with the ability of a motorcycles tires to properly grip the road, and can lead to a motorcycle falling over and skidding along the road if the motorcycle hits the grass clippings wrong.

Another issue that can occur in the roads near houses is gravel in the streets. This can cause similar issues to grass clippings, but gravel can be a little more noticeable. Gravel in the roadways can cause either the motorcycle to lose contact with the roadway, or it can cause the driver of the motorcycle to swerve and lose control of the motorcycle itself.

On the roadway, it is important to keep an eye out for motorcycles in order to avoid in accidents. If you are driving, it is good to keep a vigilant watch not only in front of you, but behind you as well. If a driver checks their mirrors, they might see a fast-approaching motorcyclist and know that the motorcyclist is in fact there. If a driver does not see a motorcycle coming up next to them, and attempts to change lanes or turn, they could cause a bad accident.

Overall, it is important for both motorcyclists and others to be on the lookout and keep each other safe. With Summer upon us, more people will be taking advantage of the nice weather and ride their motorcycles, and it is up to both riders and everyone else to ensure their safety.

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