Lime and Byrd scooters have become increasingly popular since their introduction in major cities. Many cities have different regulations concerning their use, whether they can be used on sidewalks or must be driven in the street, whether a helmet is required, etc. However, it is important to note that these scooters can be a safety concern for their riders and pedestrians alike, especially in the wintertime.

This is important for those who drive the scooters because as two-wheeled, open air scooters, they can be more susceptible to slippage or causing the rider to fall off the scooter. The slippery streets or sidewalks in the winter can cause a real problem for riders who are not being cautious when riding. An accident on a Byrd or Lime scooter can cause serious injuries, especially in cities like Indianapolis, which requires riders to drive on the roadway as opposed to the sidewalks.

In order to be safe as a rider, it is important to always wear a helmet, despite Indiana law not requiring one, and to always be vigilant when riding on a scooter. Ensure that you are driving safe, and that wet roads or sidewalks will not cause an accident. It is also important, when you are done with your scooter, to leave it in a place that it will not interfere with pedestrian traffic, or potentially cause harm to someone.

As a pedestrian these scooters can cause harm as well. It is important in the winter for cities and businesses to make sure that walkways are free from snow and ice. But what if they are not, and a scooter has been left haphazardly by a previous rider? Someone could miss the scooter in heavy snowfall, and trip over it, injuring themselves.

These types of injuries can vary in terms of who is liable for that pedestrian’s injury. In some cases, it might be the business that the scooter was parked in front of when the pedestrian injured themselves. In other cases it might be the city, or the person who actually parked the scooter at that location. Finally, the scooter company could be liable, depending on the cities regulations and if the company has accepted that kind of liability.

Because of the nature of ride-sharing scooters, the companies themselves may not often be liable, because they often drop the scooters and only charge them periodically, otherwise taking a hands-off approach to their operation. It is also important to note that Marion County has outlawed riding these scooters on public sidewalks or trails, so if you’re hit by a motor vehicle while riding on the sidewalk, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to recover for any injuries you sustain.

However, in the winter it is very important for riders and pedestrians alike to be vigilant. In order to do this, riders must be cautious when riding on roads that are wet or icy, and it is very important to wear a helmet. Riders must also be careful as to where they place the scooters in order to avoid causing someone personal injury, such as a pedestrian who does not notice the scooter on the ground.

Have You Been Injured While Riding a Scooter or Injured by a Haphazardly Placed Scooter?

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