Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents that are Unknown to the General Public

Motorcycles are a very common form of transportation seen everywhere, from highways, to state roads, to local thoroughfares. However, there is a reputation that motorcycles have gained as being a more dangerous form of transportation than a car would be because there is really nothing to protect a rider in the event of an accident. Motorcycles can also be hard for other drivers to see, especially those driving large semi-trucks. This can cause serious accidents on highways and state roads, but there are other common causes of motorcycle accidents generally not known to the public, with the exception that often motorcycle owners know these causes and know to watch out for them. If you own a motorcycle and do not know other common causes of motorcycle accidents, these are some things to watch out for.

Grass Clippings on the Roadway

Grass clippings on the roadway can significantly impact the way the tires of a motorcycle meet the road. There have been many accidents relating to riders who drove over these clippings, and when attempting to stop, have slid, and crashed. In some cases, there have been deaths linked to grass clippings on the roadway.

Riders have stated that the grass clippings can be like black ice in terms of the impact on their ability to stop their motorcycle. This can cause major issues for riders, including causing major accidents. If you see grass clippings on the road, steer clear, as they may cause a serious accident and lead to injury. If your lawn runs up to the road, clear the roadway of grass clippings after mowing, if possible, to ensure the safety of riders who are on the road.

Some states have attempted to limit this issue by fining those who do not remove their grass clippings from the roadway after mowing their lawn. One such state that has proposed this is Pennsylvania, where a state senator recently proposed such a law.

Other Common Causes

Grass clippings are not the only surprisingly common cause of motorcycle accidents. Gravel on the side of the road, if pushed into the main roadway, can also cause accidents for motorcycle riders, as with two tires it may be harder to avoid the gravel. The gravel can also cause more issues if directly run over for motorcyclists than it would for an ordinary automobile driver.

Sand is another issue for motorcycles, and can cause gripping issues with the pavement, just like grass clippings. Any of these things can make the motorcycle unstable and cause serious accidents resulting in serious injury or even death. If your property connects to a main road, watch out for grass clippings, sand, or gravel in the roadway. If you own a motorcycle, always be on the lookout for these things, as they could cause serious harm to you or your motorcycle.

There are other ways to ensure safety on a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet and following various safety procedures while operating a motorcycle can ensure that you and everyone around you remains safe at all times, and if an accident were to occur, that minimal harm would come from it. Always make sure you are following various traffic safety laws, and be vigilant when riding your motorcycle.

What do I do if I’ve been a Motorcycle Accident?

First, if you can, make sure that you get as many pictures as possible. If you can use your phone to take pictures of the accident scene and possible cause of the crash. If there are witnesses make sure to get their information. Go back to the scene if you can. Ultimately, call an experienced personal injury trial attorney at the offices of Hurst Limontes LLC. We have handled hundred of Motorcycle Accident Cases and are prepared and ready to help you. We won’t charge a fee unless we can recover money for you. Call us at 317-636-0808.