If you’ve been involved in an accident with a car or truck that is company owned, odds are your personal injury claim is going to be a lot more complicated than just filing against someone’s personal insurance. So if you’ve been in a company-related accident in central Indiana, can you file a claim against the company of the driver as well?

In most cases, the answer is “yes.” Of course, with any case, there are variables and exceptions that come into play, thus changing the answer for any individual case.

If a driver is in the course and scope of his employment at the time he injures someone in a car or truck wreck, the company is generally liable for the injuries. If the employer admits that the employee was on duty at the time of a collision, then the employer is responsible for damages if the employee is proven to be at fault for the wreck. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you in this instance.

In some cases, the employer may dispute whether the employee was in the course and scope of their employment at the time of the collision. The employer may claim that the employee was off duty or that he or she was on an unauthorized personal break, not on company business.

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