Our Legal Team has always worked closely with Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals obtaining important information regarding our client’s injuries and treatment resulting from Car Accidents and other Personal Injury Cases.  Legal Cases involving orthopedic injuries like the cases that we handle can be very complicated and we need medical professionals and experts to help explain the injuries and how they can impact a person.

Medical Professionals will regularly help us and take valuable out of their day so that their patients and our clients can get be treated fairly by the insurance companies. Many people don’t realize that in most cases without a doctor’s medical opinion proving damages can be incredibly difficult because in most cases, an expert Doctor opinion is required to prove those damages. We sincerely appreciate everything that the Medical Profession does for us, our clients and the community.

In order to show our appreciation during this terrible COVID-19 Pandemic,  Hurst Limontes LLC sponsored meals for ER Staff at Payton Manning Children’s Hospital and Hancock Regional Hospital. Our Managing Partner, Alex Limontes, and Attorneys at the Law Office of Hurst Limontes LLC have immediate family members fighting the Coronavirus on the Front Lines in our local Emergency Rooms across Central Indiana. During this pandemic our staff has been fortunate enough to work remotely in order to help #SlowTheSpread and we are so thankful for all of our Indiana Healthcare Professionals who are meeting COVID-19 head on.

Through our combined efforts we fed dozens of ER Personnel and Hospital Personnel as they work long hours to help #flattenthecurve. We are honored to extend this small token of our appreciation to those healthcare workers on the front lines.