In the days and weeks following an accident, there can be a lot of things happening, leaving some of the smaller things to fall through the cracks. What are some of the complications that lawyers tend to see in the beginning stages of your case?

“There are stumbling blocks that are usually put out there before we even get on the case,” said Hurst Limontes LLC partner Alexander J. Limontes. “Whether it be a client’s prior medical history, prior accidents that they may have had — those stumbling blocks are already there.”

These types of issues, however, are only issues if you stumble over them in the beginning.

“You’re not going to stumble over them if you know they’re there,” Limontes added. “One of the biggest things we tell our clients is to make sure that you tell us everything. Everything you tell us is confidential and privileged — but we need to know everything so that we can handle it and see it coming.”

An example of a big stumbling block would be a crash witness that either the police never listed, or put the wrong contact information — or the person has been impossible to find overall. This can cause issues when trying to prove fault or liability. Another would be a potential of discovering prior criminal history or prior injuries that were not disclosed at the beginning of the case.

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