When you’re dealing with injuries from an accident, there can be a lot of different issues to deal with. At the forefront of your mind, however, is generally going to be the monetary concerns — namely, how much it’s going to cost, and who’s going to be responsible.

So, when you choose to seek damages for a personal injury case, how soon can you expect your case to be settled or taken to trial?

“It’s always hard to put a timeline (on settling),” said Hurst Limontes LLC partner Alexander J. Limontes. “Every case is different — some cases take longer than others. The complexity of the case always is a very important variable.”

As always, with any personal injury case, there are a lot of variables — including the severity of injuries and accident, the size of the claim, the documentation and reporting, and so on. It’s possible, at times, there can be cases resolved within six months to a year — but each result varies.

“If it’s a construction site accident, you’re going to have a lot of players involved, and so that case may take longer because you’re trying to figure out who has fault or liability,” Limontes added. “But if you have a standard, rear-end car accident, and the person has just run the general course of treatment… we would try to collect all the medical records and bills, which can take time for us to get, and then send a demand out.”

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