If you’ve recently been in an accident, you might be looking to file a personal injury claim in order to secure adequate compensation for medical bills, damages, etc. So, are truck accidents and car accidents the same?

The short answer is “no.” While both claims have similar elements, truck accident cases can tend to be more complex and require attorneys with vast experiences in order to be properly handled.

For starters, truck drivers and companies are governed by federal law, state commercial driving regulations, company policies and various other industry standards that do not apply to personal, regular non-commercial accidents. Truck accidents also generally involve much more serious injuries, and dealing with trucking companies (and their insurance companies) can be much more of a hassle than dealing with a person and their insurance. Lastly, truck accident cases usually have parties in addition to the driver causing the accident such as the company he/she was driving for.

Injured truck accident victims need an experienced lawyer who has handled a lot of tractor trailer and commercial vehicle accidents. These cases can be hotly contested by extremely skilled defense attorneys who are paid a lot of money by truck insurance companies. Because the damages are usually much greater, the stakes are higher.

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