When it comes to vehicular accidents and personal injury, there can be a wide range of potential injuries — from minor scrapes and bruises to more severe, traumatic cases.

The severity of injuries following an accident all depend on various different factors — from the speed of the accident, to the susceptibility to injury of the individual, to the type of cars involved, to the location of the incident, and so on.

There are various classifications of injuries that tend to be seen in vehicular accidents, the most common of which being what are best described as “soft tissue” injuries and minor strains — essentially any minor injury not classified as a broken bone, or showing up in an MRI, a CT scan or an x-ray.

For example, a person properly strapped into their seat belt might experience a “jarring” effect when they are rear-ended by a car. This can result in minor spinal injuries, lower back strains, neck strains or even middle back strains often referred to as “whiplash.”

In more severe car accident cases, traumatic injuries can occur such as hemorrhaging of the brain, broken bones, bulging spinal discs, torn ligaments, and so on. If you’re injured in any way you should immediately seek medical attention. Many people don’t feel hurt right away, but end up having serious injuries or complications.

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