Nearly everyone has experienced an accident of some sort — from a fender bender as a passenger to a potentially more severe accident as a driver. At Hurst Limontes LLC, nearly 65 years of combined experience specializing in accident-oriented law can be there to help when you need it most. But when’s the right time to start searching for a personal injury attorney?

The simple answer is, as soon as possible. If you were injured in an accident your first steps should be documenting the scene, if you’re able, and seeking the medical attention you need. The next thing you need to do is call a personal injury attorney so they can help guide you through the process.

The insurance companies will start calling immediately, trying to get you to submit to a recorded statement that may end up hurting your case. You may say something that allows them to contest fault or you might say your injuries are minor because you aren’t feeling the full extent of them yet. Call a personal injury lawyer before you talk to your insurance company.

Doing so will also allow your attorney to conduct his/her own prompt investigation to make sure nothing pops up later that might negatively affect your case. Whether it be a liability dispute or an unknown party that may share fault, it’s important that your attorney can investigate the potential pitfalls as soon as possible.

If you need to speak with an injury attorney call us anytime, the consultation will be free. At Hurst Limontes LLC, we always offer free consultation on your personal injury case. Following consultation, specifics of the case will be discussed — with your personal health the #1 concern.

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