In the hours, days and weeks following a car accident, there can be a lot of information to digest and a lot of worries surrounding medical bills, damages and more. As you begin searching for personal injury attorneys in Indianapolis, what is some of the key information you will need to provide?

First of all, an accident injury attorney is going to need to know the date of the loss, or crash. This date is going to be key in determining whether or not this is a viable case. Following this, equally important items will be things such as:

  • where the incident occurred,
  • the nature/extent of your injuries,
  • what types of treatment you have or are currently receiving

From there, your chosen accident attorney will sit down and evaluate all facets of the case before deciding what, if any, action to take. Another key piece to have available for your personal injury attorneys is whether or not there were any key witnesses involved.

If there is any information regarding witness information that you have that may not be in the crash report, now is the time to divulge it to your attorneys.

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