COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, has wreaked havoc across the Hoosier state and around the globe. In the best interest of people everywhere a “Stay at Home” order was issued by Governor Holcomb on March 24, 2020 at 11:50 PM EST in an effort to keep this deadly virus from continuing to spread. Our office is deemed an “essential business” under the guidelines of the order and, therefore, can remain open, but in the interest of protecting Hoosiers from further spread our physical office is practicing “Social Distancing” by limiting the contact between our staff and clients.

What does that mean for our clients both old and new?

We remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We have staff working in the office daily answering calls, scanning mail and other essential tasks. If you call the office, then you will be able to speak someone who can help!  If you are a New Client, call now, you will speak with an attorney. All of our Attorneys and Paralegals have been set up to work remotely with computers, printers, scanners, and cell phones so that we can continue to fight on behalf of our clients, despite limited physical presence in our office.

Are Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases still moving forward despite COVID-19?

Our Team of Trial Lawyers continues to litigate serious car accident cases; wrongful death cases & all types of personal injury cases in Indianapolis and across Indiana by preparing witnesses remotely, taking depositions via video conference and attending mediations by phone or video conferencing. We are moving these cases forwards despite the limitations placed on us or the Courts. We are also taking on NEW CLIENTS and helping them move their cases as well!

How we are using technology to help you!

Hurst Limontes LLC recently took the entire Law Firm virtual and implemented a number of useful tools so we can keep fighting for our clients.

  • Remote Software: Our office has always been equipped with remote software that allows our attorneys and staff to access their desktop and our internal servers remotely. With our entire office working remotely this allows all of us access to the same resources we would normally use.
  • GoDaddy SmartLine:
    • Each of attorneys has been set up with a GoDaddy Smart Line that will act as their primary contact number so long as our physical office is closed. Whether a current client or prospective client wishes to speak with an attorney, we’re here and we’re available to speak with you at any time.
  • Zoom:
    • Our attorneys are holding regular meetings to discuss the next steps on our cases, help each other solve complex issues in cases, and generally plan for the future. This app also allows us to meet with clients and other attorneys in order to facilitate answering discovery, deposition preparation, depositions, and mediations. If you’d prefer to see your attorney face to face rather than just hear their voice, let them know and they’ll be happy to set up a video chat for you. This App is easy to download for free on any phone!
  • DropBox:
    • Large documents such as medical records often can’t be sent via e-mail as they’re too large. DropBox allows us to securely share these large files, which is helpful in gathering medical records, sending demands, exchanging discovery, and many other tasks.
  • DocuSign:
    • Signing necessary documents in person is discouraged at this time, so we’re utilizing DocuSign to allow clients and prospective clients to sign documents electronically. Whether you’re signing your fee agreement so we can start helping you win your case or signing your discovery responses, we can use DocuSign instead of having you sign in person.

Call us! We are available to talk.

Our team of dedicated Legal professionals continues to remain available to talk with New Clients via phone and meet virtually at the click of a button. You can even hire us by clicking a button on your phone to sign up electronically! Remember that it is at no cost to you and we do not charge anything unless we can recover for you! If you are a new client, call the office & you will certainly be connected with a lawyer who can talk to you about your serious injury or wrongful death case. We are here to help so CALL US (317-636-0808); TEXT US (317-480-1350) or email us HERE.