Dealing with injuries after a car, truck or motorcycle accident can be a nightmare — from the injuries themselves to insurance and potential lawsuits. So why choose Hurst Limontes LLC as your personal injury lawyers in Indiana?

Often, for other attorneys and law offices in the Indianapolis area, handling personal injury cases following accidents can be one of many areas of law in which they practice. At Hurst Limontes LLC, we focus our practice on handling nothing but these types of third-party injury cases — it is our exclusive focus.

In addition to specializing specifically in handling your personal injury case, we also have a wide array of experience with various types of accidents — from cars and trucks, to motorcycles and various other accidents. The cases that other attorneys don’t want to touch? We welcome them with open arms.

With nearly 65 years of combined experience of handling nothing but personal injury cases stemming from accidents, both in state and federal courts, our experience is nearly unmatched across not only just Indianapolis and Indiana, but around the country.

At Hurst Limontes LLC, we are also as thorough as they come — we leave no stone unturned. While sometimes complicated cases may fall by the wayside at various other Indianapolis-area law offices, we are committed to ensuring the best for our clients.

To learn more about how Hurst Limontes LLC can help you with the dedicated personal attorney services you seek in a time of need post-accident, visit our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys.