Injuries from Low-Speed and Rear-Impact Collisions

When a high-speed auto accident occurs, injuries are more likely to be evident and less likely to be disputed. injuries resulting from low speed collisions are often disputed by liability insurance adjusters. While these accidents take place at speeds around 10 mph and below, the injuries sustained can be substantial. An experienced personal injury attorney should know how to properly deal with insurance companies under these circumstances and work to earn deserved compensation for injuries sustained.

Low-Speed Collision

In low speed collisions there is generally little to no visible property damage because vehicles are built to sustain such impact. Maybe a scratch or crack in the bumper, which will likely be an uncostly fix. However, when someone strikes your vehicle from behind, studies have shown that car occupants will accelerate much faster than the car at impact causing a whipping motion of the head which often result in upper body injuries and potentially brain injuries even at low speeds. Low speed car accidents often cause neck, back, and soft tissue injuries, more commonly known as acceleration deceleration injuries.


The force of the collision causes occupants’ neck and back to be abruptly thrown backwards then forwards. Neck and back sprains along with spinal and joint injuries are all common complaints after this type of accident, generally referred to as “Soft Tissue” injuries. It is unsurprising that whiplash is a very common result of low speed rear impact collisions. Where individuals are sitting in the car, whether their neck or back is rotated, preexisting injuries and age of the victim all play a role in the extent of injuries sustained. Pain can last for months and even years depending on the severity of the injury. It is imperative to see a medical professional after an accident, even if you do not feel injured immediately.

Proving soft tissue injuries can be a troubling task for attorneys. Unlike proving a broken arm with an X-ray, these injuries typically cannot be demonstrated with objective imaging machines. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys will use necessary expert medical testimony, legal resources and experience to obtain fair compensation for clients.