It’s a common occurrence—you’re driving along at the speed limit on your way to the store to grab some groceries. You slow down for a red light and the driver behind you doesn’t. Accidents happen suddenly, out of nowhere, and most of the time they occur so quickly that there is little time to prepare. Some of the most catastrophic accidents result in serious injury and require extended medical treatment. It’s important to understand your rights to compensation. A part of this means that you will need to collect substantial evidence to support what happened in the accident.

When you’re involved in a car accident in Indiana, there are specific steps that you should take in order to protect your rights.

1. Stop and Evaluate the Damage

Pull over to the side of the road out of traffic and gauge when it is safe to step out of your car. Indiana State law requires that when you are in an accident, the negligent party must initiate the exchange of insurance information with the other driver.

2. Contact the Police

Calling the police to report the accident is an important step in protecting your rights. Having an official piece of documentation from the police can help support your claim once you start to discuss the accident with the insurance companies.

3. Take Pictures and Record Statements

The more documentation of the accident you can collect, the stronger your case will be. If possible, take pictures of the damage and the placement of the cars. Gather eyewitness testimony and written statements from those who saw the accident happen.

4. Seek Medical Attention

If you or the other driver have sustained a serious injury, this should actually be your very first step. Even if you have only experienced a few minor scrapes and bruises, it is a good idea to see a medical professional for an examination. Some injuries can be delayed and only present themselves days or even weeks later. Having medical documentation of an initial examination will help support future medical claims, and can be essential in receiving just compensation.

5. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Working with the insurance companies can be a complicated process. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to take the initial settlement offer. Oftentimes this offer does not reflect the magnitude of the injury or cover the medical costs. Working with an experienced professional to receive fair compensation is an important piece of the process.

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