Mild or not, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most serious injuries that a person can sustain in his or her lifetime. TBIs can occur when a person’s head is hit by an object or when the head moves around with force sufficient to make the brain bump against the inside of the skull. Examples of incidents that often cause TBIs include the following:

Many mild TBIs are classified as “concussions,” a fact which causes victims and their families to believe that it is not a serious matter. In reality, concussions and other forms of mild TBIs have the potential to cause serious symptoms months after the injury initially took place. These symptoms can force victims to miss a significant amount of school or work and forgo other activities in which they otherwise would have participated. Some symptoms associated with mild TBIs include the following:

  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression
  • Problems sleeping
  • Memory loss
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability

In many cases, these symptoms are not noticed for days or even weeks after the initial injury. For this reason, it is important to undergo a thorough medical evaluation whenever you think that a TBI could be a potential outcome of an accident. This will help ensure that you start any necessary medical treatment as soon as possible and that your injuries are well documented. Documentation can play a significant role in the process of recovering compensation, both in terms of establishing that your injuries were caused by a particular incident and demonstrating the severity of your injuries.

Do Not Accept the First Settlement Offer You Receive

If you have sustained a TBI in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, there is a good chance that you will receive a settlement offer from an insurance company. This is true whether your accident was a car wreck, a slip and fall in a grocery store, or a mishap involving defective equipment at your gym. It is important to understand that while accepting a settlement offer may seem like the easiest course of action, these first offers are often far below the actual value of a case. As discussed above, TBIs can cause long-term symptoms, and accepting a settlement shortly after an accident can result in uncompensated losses. Victims should always speak to an attorney prior to accepting a settlement offer, as doing so will preclude you from pursuing compensation in the future.

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