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Parents around the country have been asking how to prevent their children from texting or otherwise using their phones while they’re driving for years. Since, according to the Donttextanddrive.com texting Stopt Texting while drivingwhile driving increases a persons chances of being in an accident by 23%, it’s a question we would all like an answer to. Some thought the solution was making texting while driving illegal, but that quickly proved to be inadequate. Another solution would be to simply take your child’s phone when they’re driving, but most parents are unwilling to do that because they you have no way of getting in contact with them. So what is the answer? Well we have a few suggestions, we hope they help.


This powerful App has been recognized by Consumer Reports, the Consumer Electronics Show, and the National traffic Safety Institute. It allows you to disable texting, calling, face-booking, tweeting, and pretty much anything else that could be distracting to a driver. The kicker is that instead of depending on someone to turn it on like other apps of it’s kind, it is always on and activates itself when a certain speed is achieved.  This is fantastic because asking your teenage daughter to turn it on so she can’t text and drive would defeat the purpose. No teenager is going to willingly turn on their no texting app. It also has extensive tamper resistance which keeps children from disabling it like many other apps allow. This app does allow for hands free calling and texting so if you need to get a hold of your child while they’re driving, you’ll know they’re being safe and using hands free (and distraction free) calling to answer your call. It also has additional features like GPS location so you can tell where your child is (no more sneaking off), driver scores so you know if your child is practicing sound driving habits, and even speed alerts so you know if your child has a lead foot. All in all this app seems to be the most complete. Its only downside is that it comes with a cost of at least $129. But if you ask me $129 is worth it to keep your child safe.

Other Solutions to Stop Texting While Driving

Drive Safe Mode – Most cell phone carriers will offer a “drive safe mode” that you can have put on your children’s phones. It does turn itself on based on speed, but the key concern is that it can be easily disabled at the press of a button.

Live2Text App – This app requires you to turn it on when you get in the car, so it’s probably better to use to self-monitor than to use for your children. This app also sends those trying to reach you a message telling them you’re driving.