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The Law Office of Hurst Limontes LLC has been committed to helping accident victims in Greenwood, IN for 35 years and we can provide you with a top rated Greenwood Personal Injury Lawyer. Our attorneys Greenwood Personal Injury Lawyerhave the experience to handle any type of injury claim including car accidents, semi-truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.  Greenwood Personal Injury Lawyer William “Bill” Hurst and his staff have successfully represented hundreds of clients from Greenwood, IN over the last 35 years, successfully getting them the compensation they deserve for their injuries. We provide a free initial consultation and we don’t charge a fee unless we get compensation for you.


Greenwood Accident and Injury Statistics/News

Greenwood, Indiana has a population of approximately 54,000 people and is home to attractions such as the Greenwood Mall. Because of the many attractions this little-big town offers and the many 2-4 lane roads that handle the immense amount of traffic many accidents are bound to occur. Most of them are simple fender-benders or rear-end accidents due to someone looking down at their cell phone or radio, but some are more severe.

According to the Greenwood Police Department’s 2015 Annual Report, there were 1,779 accidents Greenwood Personal Injury Lawyerreported in 2014. Though fatality statistics haven’t been updated for 2014 accidents, statistics show that in 2013 6 accidents resulted in fatalities.

While the Greenwood Personal Injury Attorneys at the Law Office of Hurst Limontes LLC hope that you and your loved ones never have to experience being involved in an accident, we want you to know that we are here for you and will do whatever we can to help if you are. Our attorneys have over 40 years of experience dealing with personal injury claims and will make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries.  Contact us by filling out this form or by calling us as (317) 636-0808.