Nicholas (Nick) Huang is a Partner at Frost Brown Todd, a full-service law firm refining the art of client service through technical, industry, and legal knowledge. With expertise spanning international and domestic business litigation, property management, and trust administration, Nick brings a wealth of experience to negotiations and litigation representation.

His business background, highlighted by years of interaction with corporations and government agencies, offers a distinctive perspective on corporate structuring, regulations, and compliance. His extensive experience includes 10 years at the Marion County Public Defender’s office and seven years at Harrison & Moberly, where he specialized in a variety of cases, including criminal, business, and family law. Born in Chicago to Taiwanese parents, Nick graduated with an economics degree before pursuing law at Valparaiso University.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Nicolas (Nick) Huang shares his personal history and journey into transactional law
  • Building a law practice through networking and diverse case types
  • Nick shares his career transition from litigation to focusing on business law and corporate governance
  • The critical role of transactional lawyers in enterprises and small businesses
  • How the pandemic has changed the dynamics of businesses and workplace culture
  • The economic benefits of hosting the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) convention in Indianapolis
  • Nick shares his passion for Michigan football and diversity in the workplace

In this episode…

For entrepreneurs, directors of enterprises, and corporate owners, transactional lawyers play a crucial role in your business. Whether in day-to-day or long-term business transactions, how can a reliable transactional lawyer make a significant difference in guiding you through due diligence?

Litigation lawyer turned legal consultant Nick Huang explains the role of transactional lawyers in the ever-changing business landscape. Unlike litigation lawyers, who spend much time in the courtroom, transactional lawyers advise businesses on regulatory matters and help ensure compliance with legal obligations. Leveraging his business background and years of experience in criminal, business, and family law, Nick acts as a hybrid in-house lawyer, providing legal support to clients without the need for a full-time in-house attorney. By guiding businesses on contracts, agreements, and other negotiations, transactional lawyers like Nick protect your interests and safeguard your assets, reducing risks and avoiding pitfalls that could adversely impact business operations.

Listen to this new installment of Circle City Conversations as Alexander Limontes hosts Nicholas (Nick) Huang, Partner at Frost Brown Todd. Together, they delve into Nick’s journey into law and his experiences as a transactional lawyer. Nick shares his background as a son of Taiwanese parents growing up in Michigan, building his career through networking and diverse cases, and transitioning from litigation to business law and corporate governance.

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