Gregg Keele is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and Managing Partner at Torchlight Resolutions, a team of financial specialists and mediators helping high-net-worth individuals navigate financial and legal situations. He is also a Private Wealth Advisor and a Managing Partner at Clearwater Private Wealth Advisors, owned by Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. Gregg leverages over 25 years of experience as a financial advisor to analyze settlement proposals and forecast settlement income or growth. His wealth management expertise has earned him numerous accolades, including Forbes Best-in-State 2024 and Five Star Wealth Manager from 2013-2023. Gregg has been featured on Bloomberg Live and co-authored the book Leading Advisor.

Nate Hacker is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and Mediator at Torchlight Resolutions. As a Registered Domestic Relations Mediator, Nate started his career as a defense attorney before pivoting to family litigation. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, he is dedicated to educating parties in a resolution process to help minimize conflicts and unnecessary litigation. In addition to his responsibilities as an attorney, Nate is a licensed small-sided soccer referee and a volunteer Guardian ad Litem at Kids’ Voice of Indiana. He is a member of the Hamilton Bar Association and the Indianapolis Bar Association.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Gregg Keele and Nate Hacker discuss sports, college, law school, and their career paths
  • How Gregg helps clients develop comprehensive financial plans
  • The importance of aligning resources with one’s values and goals
  • How to ensure financial sustainability for parties in a divorce
  • Why is it crucial to create a holistic plan for personal injury cases?
  • The role of a financial advisor and estate management strategies for high-net-worth individuals
  • Navigating tax implications in divorce
  • How to make informed choices in a settlement
  • Nate reflects on his career trajectory from litigator to certified mediator and financial planner

In this episode…

Mediation is often used for financially complex divorces and other types of settlements, with a neutral third party facilitating the negotiations. Likewise, financial advisors play a crucial role in helping to identify the parties’ goals and designing a path to achieve them, helping to reach a settlement that satisfies all parties involved. So, what role do financial advisors play in helping to resolve disputes?

According to Gregg Keele and Nate Hacker, certified financial advisors and mediators, bringing your financial expert to mediation increases the probability of the attorneys and parties having a clear understanding of your finances. In addition to tracing assets and analyzing cash flow, financial analysts can simplify complex tax issues and establish a framework to divide assets. Moreover, a victim who has suffered an injury or the loss of a loved one may need help understanding the financial implications or replacement of lost income. Financial advisors and mediators like Gregg and Nate advise individuals and corporations, helping them meet their long-term financial objectives. They highlight the importance of aligning resources with one’s goals, being proactive about tax implications, and making informed choices in a settlement.

In this latest installment of Circle City Conversations, Alex Limontes hosts Gregg Keele and Nate Hacker of Torchlight Resolutions. Gregg and Nate delve into the crucial role of financial advisors in mediation and wealth planning for high-net-worth individuals. They discuss financial stability for parties in a divorce, creating a holistic plan in personal injury cases, and the potential risks and rewards of diverse wealth-planning approaches.

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